Christina Chen‘s Kunstausstellung / A World in a Flower-Europe Tour 2019/05/21

一花一世界‧陳玉庭書畫 ‧ 歐洲巡迴展

To see a world through a flower – Christina Chen Yu Ting European Solo Art Exhibition

陳玉庭畫展 / 一花一世界歐洲巡迴展

一、展覽介紹 Introduction of Exhibition


The European Tour solo exhibition “To see a heaven in a wild flower ” will showcase her collections of more than 160 art works by contemporary ink and creative calligraphy. Her traditional art integrates into the freehand brushwork that covers the entire art pieces. She would always like to combine her imagination with reality and casts perspectives into the art pieces that emerge into creative master pieces likened to ” The Art of Landscapes, Dance between The flowers and Literature “.